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    In the beginning, at least the first record of CHECKLEY/CHICHELEY, is found in the Domesday Book (the record of a survey of all his holdings by Duke William of Normandy ~ William the Conqueror), compiled in 1086, "A record of what he had and who held it". The hamlets of Checkley located in Staffordshire and Chicheley located in Warwickshire are both mentioned AND still exist. Checkley is located on highway A522 Northwest of Uttoxeter while Chicheley is located on highway A422 Northwest of Newport Pagnell. Currently there are 4 other Checkley Villages, West of Newcastle under Lyme, East of Hartford, in Worchester and in Derbyshire. The last two have yet to be found on any current maps. (HELP is solicited in locating these last two MISSING Checkley villages). These two place surnames have many different definitions from the old Saxon and Old English languages.

    First prominent ancestors, one had to be prominent to have any record, in the beginning, is Archbishop Henry Chichele(y) (1363-1443). His recorded deeds, plus nearly all his consanguinity for 19 generations, spanning nearly five centuries from the late 1300s to 1855, are recorded in the book Stemmata Chicheleana. This book contains "some of the Traces of THOMAS CHICHELE of Hingham-Ferrers, in order to facilitate the Enquiries of those Gentlemen who may be inclined to become Candidates for Fellowships at All Souls College in Oxford, on the claim of Collateral Consanguinity with his son HENRY CHICHELE, Archbishop of CANTERBURY, the Founder. This book, which I have a copy of, contains the family trees of some 527 family trees and a complete catalogue of the Fellows of ALL SOULS College who have been admitted to Fellowships on Claim of Consanguinity to the Founder between 1457 and 1855 when this practice ended.

    Major migrations of Checkleys from England to Boston, MA (mid 1645-1670), USA general (1700 & 1800), Australia & New Zealand (mid 1800) and from Ireland to Canada (mid 1800) during the potato famine.

    After researching all of my immediate family history, I attempted to contact EVERY Checkley family I could locate to solicit their family history as a result of my obtaining membership with the Guild Of One Name Society as the Checkley Surname Historian. Over the past 10 years I have received 220+ replies from Checkley families living in 7 different countries, processed these replies with my computer program, Family Origins, replied with family tree printouts and follow up correspondence.

The following is a summary of the data received to date:


# of


# of

AUSTRALIA 150 46 60
CANADA 580 319 465
ENGLAND 3256 611 1322
FRANCE* 2 - 2
IRELAND 54 4 11
NEW ZEALAND 92 86 98
USA 405 175 254
(* No replies from Checkleys in these countries)

    My research efforts to date have encompassed census records, IGI listings, telephone listings, vital statistics and personal interviews. Now that I have a network connection, I plan to expand this research effort to include searching the NET using E-MAIL listings, name searches, and genealogy society contacts.

A partial list of past notable CHECKLEYS are:

Archbishop Henry (1363-1443) See Stemmata Chichelena

Sir Henry (1615-1683) Gov. of the Virginia Colony

Sir John (16xx-1691) Capt., Knighted, Com. of British Admiralty

Richard (1694-1742) Deacon, Apothecary, Buried in the Old Grannary Burial grounds (Blue Stone slab with Coat of Arms), Boston, MA

Rev. Samuel DD (1696-1769) Minister 51 years, First Minister of New South Church, Boston, MA

Hannah (1674-1712) married John Adams

Elizabeth (Betsy) (1725-1757) married Samuel Adams the Patriot

    Two prominate manors-hotels are / were owned by the CHECKLEY or CHICHELEY familites. The first was known as the WIMPOLE acquired by Henry Chicheley, son of John Chicheley Sheriff of London and a nephew of the great Archbishop Henry, from Sir William de Stuunden. In 1641 Thomas Chicheley (1613-1699) was reported to be "erecting an extraordinary curious neat house near the ancient site". This house was begun in 1640 and not completely decorated and furnished until the 1660s. Thomas was appointed Master Of The Ordinance after the Revolution and knighted in 1670.

    The second structure was known as the Checkley House on Prouts Neck, located in Scarborough, ME. The original location was called Checkley Point and the hotel was named for Samuel Checkley, a son-in-law of Joshua Scottow. Checkley ultimately sold the Prouts Neck property to merchant Timothy Prout in 1728 for 500 pounds. Ira C. Foss, born in Saco in 1875. Foss was also a Maine state representative and later, state senator. Ira died in 1919, his widow Mary Larrabee Foss ran the Hotel, with an iron hand until its demise in 1944.


Thomas Fleming Checkley
IRE - CAN (1810 - 1882)
Thomas Fleming Checkley
IRE - CAN (1849 - 1899)
John Thomas Checkley
CAN - USA (1898 - 1958)
Mary Checkley
IRE - CAN (1809 - 1886)
Thomas McNaught
SCOT - CAN ( - )
Margaret Barr McNaught
CAN - USA (1874 - 1944)
Ruphenia Hatten
SCOT-CAN ( - )
Charles Herbert Checkley
(1931 - )
Jacob Wahl
GER-USA ( - )
Peter Wahl
(1865 - 1932)
Ethel Christmas Wahl
(1908 - 1938)
Pheby Wastey
HOL-USA ( - )
James Commerford
GER-USA ( - 1893)
Julia Commerford
(1869 - 1918)
Anna Mathew
( - )

SEARCHING FOR: The following individuals or family members:
William Edward Day Checkley b. 1921, and his twin brother:
Earl Howard Francis Checkley b. 1921, and their parents:
Earnest Roy and Margaret Urquart.
Adrian Checkley son of Enoch Marshall and Mayne Grue.
Kenneth Checkley son of John Butler F. and Gertrude I. Nightswander.
Lambert Checkley son of Richard Thomas and Maggie Maud.
Francis Richard b. 1884 son of Col. John B. and Elizabeth Marshall.

FREE: Access to my genealogy files, lists of surnames related to Checkleys, printouts of family trees AND a reasonable amount of research for lost relatives to ALL who supply information on Checkleys, wherever they are found.