Has your Micropolis Hard Drive failed within warranty? Speak Up!
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Some of our customers have had (up to 9 GB) Micropolis Hard Drives that have failed during the stated warranty period. These same consumers have been abandoned by the Micropolis parent company Singapore Technologies Pte Ltd. and have had to replace the defective drive(s) bearing the full cost themselves.

We even chose our last Micropolis drive over other brands primarily because of their reputation and warranty! We've certainly been disappointed on both counts!

For a while, they had their official response at http://www.st.com.sg/mic3.htm, however, showing total irresponsibility, they have even removed the three related pages! An excerpt follows:

Press Release Dated 10 Nov 97

Singapore Technologies
Exits the Disk Drive Business

Singapore Technologies Pte Ltd (ST) has exited its disk drive business in its wholly-owned subsidiary, Micropolis. This follows the decision by the Board of Micropolis to wind up the Company.


In April 1996, ST entered the disk drive business through the purchase of assets and name of Micropolis. Under the new management headed by industry veteran, Dr Joe Chen, Micropolis refocused its business on high-end disk drives. With the successful launch of its 4GB and 9GB Tomahawk in 3Q96, Micropolis rebuilt its monthly revenue base to S$56m by December 1996. It was poised to maintain its niche position as a leading high-end supplier for the enterprise storage market.

However, 1997 proved to be a difficult year with excess industry capacity in the high-end market, leading to intense competition and severe price erosion. Revenue for the first three quarters of 1997 totalled S$200m, insufficient to cover overheads. The outlook for 1998 is expected to remain highly competitive with 7 industry players, including several major players.

In view of this significant change in the competitive environment and the poor expected returns, Micropolis has decided to wind up its business.

Please note that we are not connected with the companies referenced above other than being a purchaser of Micropolis Drives. We have just seen too many of our customers suffer hardship and are wondering how many more Micropolis casualties there are!

If you need data recovery,

Using our database of other failed Micropolis drives, together with our preferred data recovery specialists that don't charge to take a look, we may be able to get your drive working enough to get that valuable data back to you! If you're interested in data recovery options, and willing to spend at least a few hundred dollars for recovered data, be sure to include your phone number!

If you want your drive repaired,

Beware! Many users have reported that they paid some money to get their drive repaired. NOT ONE has reported success with a Micropolis drive repair, but instead, many have said they just wasted more good money! Many (including us) thought their problem was only a bad logic board, only to discover the real problem had destroyed data internally and was un-repairable because of the lack of consumable parts (heads and platters, etc.).

If you want drive specifications and settings,

Check The Tech Page's Micropolis page.

If you've had a Micropolis hard drive fail within the warranty period,
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