Has your email been blocked?

If you've been directed here, you probably had email blocked from our network.
(You can see how overwhelming this traffic has become by clicking here.)

Blocking may occur when there is some history of Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE and commonly called SPAM), or worse being sent from your computer, network, or your ISP's network. We use a few proven reliable Realtime Black Lists (RBLs) as an early level of defense. If you have received a bounce message that contains "Your mail server is Blacklisted.", immediately following that text will be a link to where you can view the reason for the black listing. Your network administrator or ISP needs to correct the problem that caused the black listing. Be sure to supply that link to your ISP or network administrator so that they can correct their problem and request that the black listing be removed. As soon as the black listing is removed, your email will be able to proceed past the RBL check. (We see between 10,000 and 20,000 emails rejected daily based solely on RBL listings, but much spam still makes it past the RBL check. Bypassing the RBL check would cause a flood of spam to overwhelm our clients.)

Emails not blocked via the RBLs are also scanned for instances of URLs, despicable text, and other spam criteria. If a match is found, depending on the recipient's preference, the system either flags the header or rejects the email. Our filter criteria is updated as a result of emails received by Kropf administrator(s) - either directly, or forwarded by corporate clients. With such content filtering, there are rare occasions where a legitimate email will contain content that matches the filter criteria, and will therefore be rejected. If this happens, Kropf wants to address the situation as soon as possible.

To contact us regarding the situation, please complete and submit this form and include the complete header from the email that you received informing you of the block. The error message from the email server is also very helpful in tracing the particular reason the email was rejected. Above all, the date and time of the error message is crucial. Please do NOT send the complete message as that may appear to be a spammer's attempt to abuse this submission form! (Spammers regularly try to send hundreds of spam emails via such web forms, but while NONE have been successful from our UNIX servers, your report submission may appear to be such an attack and therefore also blocked.) Please include the header showing the Sender, Recipient, and Date/Time of the original block. For details on how to find the complete header, please refer to this link.

Details regarding Kropf's email policy are available here.

If the bounce message talked about duplicate emails, your mail administrator should ensure that the sending mail server(s) have a sufficient timeout configuration in order to adhere to established guidelines. Too short of a timeout will likely cause the sending mail server to disconnect before the positive or negative acknowledgment is sent. Sendmail typically configures this for a 10 minute timeout.

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